「 girl you're tasty 」

I’m just tryina’ love ya

Sungmin when he saw the Sungmin Support Project made my C-ELF 

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track: Born Hater
artist: Epik High
plays: 43,122

Born Hater | Epik High feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, BI, Mino, Bobby

SMTownNOW update  Super Junior SMTown Shanghai

KFC on Shindong’s pocket…. cr 奶油_宝贝李晟敏 // do not edit


Kyuhyun Weibo Update | 141018

GameGyu88: We went to eat Hotpot! After eating we went back hotel together ㅋㅋ  (T)

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Leeteuk changed his instagram bio 3 times

first: In favor of it? Against it? How funny… This is the reality.Now I know a little why I did so. cr

second: You now know right? Why I (acted like that), that far cr

third: Lee teuk cr


sometimes u just gotta lay on the floor with ur dog