Eunhyuk’s new hair 
kim bear x smtown

Cho Kyuhyun’s picspam!(requested by chorgasm)

that moment when your friend laughed right in your face XD

EunHae’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
@leedonghae: I pick leader Teuk-ee hyung, Shindong-ee hyung, Heechul-ee hyung next; and Seungil-ee hyung, fighting ^^ Let’s do it ELF !!

@eunhyukee44: Ice Bucket Challenge !! Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong let’s do it !!

Heechul’s comment on Donghae’s instavid: Hey there,I didn`t get hit with water even during refreshing game..can I just do the good deeds part?

Heechul’s comment on Eunhyuk’s instavid: What do you think about hyung not getting hit with water and just doing the good deeds,my best friend?

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/Accidentally kills millions of fangirls/

Just Kyuhyun trying to kill the fans, nothing unusual there T-T

@刘宪华Henry-Lau: I’m going back!I will miss you all!! Don’t forget me!!!(cr)

Siwon’s ice bucket challenge and nominating EunHae and Sungil Park (x


can we just applaud girl groups that are performing on their periods